Things to consider before applying:

  • Reading Rocks focuses on foundational literacy skills (phonics, sight words, and fluency). Reading comprehension is not directly targeted in this program
  • this program is designed for children that struggle in their foundational reading skills
  • children do not require a diagnosis of a Learning Disability to participate, although priority is given to children with the highest need
  • Priority is given to families that are given a reference from their school based on their recommendation for the child’s need for this program
  • Families who are not accepted into the program session which they are applying to will be put on a wait list, and given first priority for upcoming sessions. The earlier you apply, the better

To apply: CLICK HERE to Download the Reading Rocks Program Application Form.

Once complete, return by email to:

Krystal Clements, Program Coordinator: [email protected]

*Please note: This does not guarantee a space in the program. Since the program is 1:1, space in the program is dependent on the number of tutors that are available**

**The Spring 2017 session is currently full, and we have implemented a waiting list. Any new applications at this point will be for the Fall (October) 2017 session. Thank you!


Questions? Contact the Program Coordinator