Assistive Technology Program

We are pleased to launch our Assistive Technology program starting in the Fall of 2018!

This program is designed for students in Grades 4 – 8

Description & Course Outcomes:

This series of nine weekly one-hour sessions will teach your child how to use the Google Platform and the reading and writing elements within the Read and Write extension. Available free of charge throughout many school boards, ‘Read and Write’ is able to assist children with learning disabilities overcome their struggles with decoding and subsequently identifying and organizing important information from within text.

Students will be taught how to use ‘Read and Write’ for Speech to Text to overcome difficulties in fine motor skills or to allow the student to get their ideas down more rapidly.

Students will be asked to bring in a school assignment for the purpose of creating hands-on practice as part of this course. This work sample should be an actual assignment from a current or past class at school. This reinforces the learning by introducing practical examples and real-life school work to create a link between the course material and practicality of its use at school.

There will be 8 sessions of material, and the final 9th session will be optional and planned as a “make up” where students will participate in a review of the course materials, any content which they may have missed during the 8 weeks prior, or anything which they may need additional support with; this 9th session is purely optional.

Sessions will develop skills in:
1) Organizing work within folders in the Google Drive

2) Using the Reading functions and Writing functions of Google Read and Write

3) Highlighting important text within passages and consolidating that for
later use

4) Developing strategies of how to use this technology in the classroom

5) Basic grammar and basic sentence structure

Learning objectives will be individualized and tailored to suit each student’s needs. The weekly in-class sessions will offer a blend of structured content (instruction), student-led discussion as well as open Q&A and practice time.

Chromebooks are provided

Diagnosis of a Learning Disability is not required for participation in this program, however, in the event enrollment exceeds our class maximum, priority will be given to students with a diagnosed LD.


  • Dates: Saturdays, October 13th through Saturday December 8th
  • Time: 10:00am – 11:00am
  • Location: 560 Guelph Line, Burlington, ON, L7R 3M4

Fee:  Members:  $350 for 9 sessions / Non Members: $400 for 9 sessions

Registration is now closed as this session is already in progress.

To add a student to a future session’s enrollment list, please email us at [email protected] 



We were able to launch this program thanks to a grant from: