Typing Skills Program

Using a structured and multi-sensory tool for instruction, our new and improved Typing Skills Program is designed for children ages 7 to 12 and starts this September, one evening a week! 

Why does my child need Typing Skills?

Touch-typing means being able to type with speed and accuracy, without needing to look down at your hands on the keyboard, and this has many benefits including reduced fatigue, reduced risk for repetitive strain injury, increase productivity, and is highly useful for those with dyslexia. 

Using software designed by UK company “Touch-Type Read and Spell” we are proud to offer an award-winning and specialized typing skills program that uses visual, auditory and kinesthetic (touch) senses for a fully immersive learning experience – tailored to the needs of young people with learning disabilities. For over 25 years, TTRS has offered a comprehensive touch-typing course based on a structured program of phonics. The program aims to build literacy skills and increase confidence and self-esteem in users as they master the art of keyboarding. Because it takes a multi-sensory approach, TTRS is also suitable for users who struggle with physical impairments and specific learning difficulties, like dyslexia.

How Does it work?

Designed to encourage success from the start, the program is highly structured, yet has a flexible approach. Colours, fonts and designs can be customized, the course lessons are modular in design and each module is short and includes regular, positive feedback and there are multiple levels of difficulty.

Students in our program access the tools and lessons through a web-based link on their own device or with chromebooks which are supplied for each session. A qualified facilitator guides the group through the modules while providing positive feedback, ensuring proper posture and finger positioning on the keyboard and helping to regulate breaks and stretches during the lessons.  Students can access the course lesson software link remotely, so they can access lessons at home to reinforce learning. 

A Program for youth that teaches proper typing technique, develops reading and spelling skills, builds confidence and motivates learners to succeed

Typing Skills links to Reading – Writing – Spelling!

  • Phonics program supports decoding skills in reading
  • Repetition and dictation exercises develop writing fluency
  • Muscle-memory in the fingers used as a spelling aid
  • Structured wordlists based on the book ‘Alpha to Omega’
  • Multi-sensory Orton-Gillingham approach to reading and spelling
  • Sight words, Capital letters, full stops and whole sentences – 4,000 words in all!


When is the next session?

This program runs in the evening – one night a week.  

Date/Time: 8 week program begins Wednesday October 2nd and ends Wednesday November 20th, from 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Location: 560 Guelph Line, Rotary Youth Centre, Burlington, Ontario

Cost: $300 for Members / $375 for Non-Members

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Typing Skills Registration (Member rate)show details + $300.00 (CAD)  
Typing Skills Registration (Non-Member rate)show details + $375.00 (CAD)