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My son was first introduced to Afshan this past summer. He joined a boot camp,  to help him get a head start on his learning before the school year began. Afshan worked with him for 2 weeks everyday one on one. Blake would come home excited about learning and said how he really liked Afshan.
Learning for Blake had/has been challenging due to his ADHD and LD diagnosis. Blake was going into Grade 2 and we made the decision to go back to LDAH for the entire school year for more tutoring. The only thing Blake requested was that Afshan be his tutor. It says a lot when Blake finds someone who can make him feel exhilarated to learn. He never feels frustrated after a session with Afshan. This alone is enough for me. That being said, the progress he is making in his reading and writing first term is unbelievable. He has gone from below provincial standards to his grade level.
I am certain this is because of Afshan and her brilliance in teaching Blake the way he needs to learn. I would be elated to have my son continue with her. In fact, we are hoping to have more sessions with her this summer.
It is without a doubt, I would recommend Afshan to anyone who needed her assistance and educated guidance.

C. Strain

I am writing this letter to provide you with feedback for your tutoring services. My daughter attended 1:1 sessions since last summer 2012 until June 2013 to improve her language-related skills. As a result of your services, my daughter is now more confident writing paragraph assignments and her editing skills have improved considerably. She is now also more aware of the English language structure and is able to recognize different parts of speech. Thanks largely to your tutoring services; she had an excellent school year. I would highly recommend your services to other parents. Thank you for the valuable time spent with my child.

L. Lopez

We would like to take this opportunity to commend you and the LDAH on the level of instruction and tutoring you have provided to our son. As you well know, our son faces emotional and attention obstacles that have a great impact on his ability to learn, and, comprehend and formulate responses to situations, both actual and written. Your mindfulness of his moods and frame of mind at the time and, your patience in finding the means to complete the lessons, is a credit to your proficiency as a tutor.

It is our belief that our son’s progress over this last year is in no small part due to your efforts and we hold you in the highest regard for the contributions you have made towards his progress. We extend to you our heartfelt thanks and look forward to seeing you in September.

P. Tasker

Our son has been attending the tutoring sessions in language remediation for two years.

We came to the LDAH because he was not receiving the support, the way of teaching he needed and the time needed for him to learn from his school. Our son has come a long way, has greatly improved, he has more confidence, and self esteem. The teacher at school has noticed.

Afshan has great rapport with Jack; she has patience, keeps him engaged, and on task, is friendly and always happy to see Jack. We feel this is very important for our son who has a learning disability. It makes it easier for him to want to go for his session. As a parent, I see a great need for this type of program. Jack would be very lost in school and not as successful or happy if it wasn’t for Afshan or this approach offered at the LDAH. I greatly appreciate it is offered and hope it will continue to help my son and others.

J. Angus

I have a nine year old son and his name is Jake. Jake has a learning disability and other issues that complicate his personality, especially in social and learning environments.  Jake has been enrolled as a member in the Learning Disability Association/Halton.  Since being involved, the association has done so much for his confidence & his comfort in social situations.  The classes & social opportunities have really brought him into a sense of self.  He used to be so shy but has grown so much since being involved with the association.  Jake has developed a deep friendship with his instructor and the President of the LDAH.   They are so wonderful to Jake, and he has been thriving from the individual attention he receives along with constant praise and positive encouragement.  Jake has truly developed a feeling to succeed in this program.  Not only does he look forward to each class, he always comes home feeling very special.

A Mom's Testimonial

We came to LDAH because our son was not receiving the support, the way of teaching he needed and the time needed for him to learn from his school  Since being with Afshan at the centre he has come a long way, has greatly improved, he has more confidence and self-esteem. The teacher at school has noticed. In the two years Afshan has been his tutor he has been taught a multi-sensory approach to phonemic awareness, reading, spelling, grammar and handwriting (which was a task in itself). All of this for 2 hours each week. The program and Afshan are very thorough, going over every detail that makes up language and literacy. Afshan has a great rapport with our son; she has patience, keeps him engaged, on task and is always friendly and happy to see him. Our son says, ” Afshan teaches me differently. She knows how I learn and makes it easier for me to understand. We have fun too!”


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