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We are a charitable, non-profit organization which has been providing information, support and programs to the Halton Region for more than 45 years. We are the only Halton association that responds to the exclusive needs of those with Learning Disabilities and are affiliated with our provincial organization.

We are focused on supporting, educating and delivering services to families, children, youth and adults with Learning Disabilities within Halton and positively impacting their lives. We are dedicated to meeting their educational, social, emotional, and recreational, and employment needs.

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Summer Programming- Language Booster Boot Camp 2016

Within a safe and comfortable learning environment students will work 1:1 with a trained Orton Gillingham tutor for 2 hours each day on key skills for reading including but not limited to: phonological awareness, sound/symbol association, vocabulary development, reading fluency or reading comprehension. images

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Our 10-year-old son, Jackson, attended the “Language Booster Camp” intensive remedial reading program, at the Learning Disabilities Association of Halton. He has a language-based learning disability, resulting in essential gaps in basic understanding of phonological awareness. While he receives SERT support, has technology, attended The Learning Centre (also an excellent, highly valuable program) and has regular IEP revisions, he needs more than school can offer. The Language Booster Camp taught letter and letter combination sounds concepts needed to decode words for reading. Jackson learned strategies that most students already grasp–concepts that are not taught in grade 4 or 5, as students are expected to already have these basic language foundations. In school, he’s only 1 of 3 children in his class with technology, so he comes home in tears because he feels “stupid” and different. At the program, he saw other students with learning challenges, which was a real boost to his self-esteem; seeing other kids with similar struggles getting the help they needed. Program and support offered through the LDAH and in all Learning Centres are vital for the possibility of success for children who cannot learn the way that mainstream learners do. The one-size-fits-all classroom is a nice concept, but it simply doesn’t meet the needs of all students, including the students who are doing well and must deal with disruptions from classmates such as our child, who cry, give up, shut-down, etc. Thank you for continuing to provide these absolutely essential centres and services to meet the vast needs of our unique children

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