Learn to Type!

UltraKey Online is the preferred typing tool for learning proper keyboarding, and you can learn right at home!

Our Association once offered Keyboarding classes in our Resources Center, held over an 8-week period, and although this was a popular class and well attended, we are pleased to be able to pass along this home-based learning option as a more cost-effective way for families to achieve the same results – in an online version of the UltraKey software.

How it Works

UltraKey Online provides clear, voice-supported instruction with animation and video. Purchasing a family subscription lets a parent or tutor manage the use of the program, while the family members learn to type. A Parent account is free, and the product is priced for 3, 5 and 8 user accounts – starting at only $29.95!

We also suggest considering a license option, which provides unlimited use of the software on up to 3 computers for $39.95!


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